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The Paris Review No. 229, Summer 2019

The Paris Review No. 229, Summer 2019

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Lewis Lapham on the Art of Editing: “An essay is a very risky form. It’s like getting out there on a high wire. It’s easy to fall off.”

Frank Bidart on the Art of Poetry: “If you’re going to write a long poem, the hard thing is to have a structure that is both big enough, deep enough, engaged in the guts of things enough, but that does not imply finality.”

Our Summer 2019 issue! Featuring an Art of Editing interview with Lewis Lapham and an Art of Poetry interview with Frank Bidart, Issue 229 also includes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from Jorge Luis Borges, Cynthia Cruz, Lydia Davis, Cornelius Eady, Richard Ford, Jonathan Escoffery, Lawrence Joseph, Eileen Myles, Kimberly King Parson, Laura van den Berg, Matthew Zapruder, and more, as well as art by Alan Fears and a document from James Agee.

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