The Paris Review No. 195 Winter 2010

The Paris Review No. 195 Winter 2010

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Jonathan Franzen on the art of fiction: “When I was younger, the main struggle was to be a 'good writer.' Now I more or less take my writing abilities for granted, although this doesn’t mean I always write well.” And Louise Erdrich on her heritage and being pigeonholed.

A novella by Péter Nádas, plus new fiction from Claire Vaye Watkins and Alexandra Kleeman.

A curated portfolio by David Salle featuring Amy Sillman and Tom McGrath.

Poems by Devin Johnston, Jim Moore, Maureen N. McLane, Albert Goldbarth, Dana Levin, Damion Searls, and more.

Plus, recollections and sketches by Saul Steinberg.

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