The Paris Review No. 210, Fall 2014

The Paris Review No. 210, Fall 2014

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Aharon Appelfeld on the art of fiction: “I had a feeling that my generation—and me, also—we were naked. We did not belong to anything. ” Müller on the art of fiction: “Language is so different from life. How am I supposed to fit the one into the other? How can I bring them together?” Chris Ware on the art of comics: “Cartooning gets at, and re-creates on the page, some sixth sense ... in a way no other medium can.”

The last installment of a novel by Rachel Cusk. New fiction by David Gates, Atticus Lish, and Alejandro Zambra. An essay by David Searcy.

Poems by Karen Solie, Stephen Dunn, Maureen M. McLane, Devin Johnston, Ben Lerner, Frederick Seidel, Linda Pastan, and Brenda Shaughnessy. A portfolio of letters between George Plimpton and Terry Southern.

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