The Paris Review Interviews, III

The Paris Review Interviews, III

The third volume in the new four-volume selection of The Paris Review interviews, with an introduction by Margaret Atwood. The book features interviews with:

Ralph Ellison
Georges Simenon
Isak Dinesen
Evelyn Waugh
Ted Hughes

Harold Pinter
John Cheever
Chinua Achebe
Jean Rhys
Raymond Carver

William Carlos Williams
Joyce Carol Oates
Jan Morris
Martin Amis
Salman Rushdie
Norman Mailer

The New York Times calls The Paris Review interviews “the most remarkable and extensive interviewing project we possess” and the Times Literary Supplement of London says, "This book will intrigue and delight any serious reader or writer. It may even inspire.”

Picador, 2008

Paperback; 446 pages

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